ATHLETES: Increased oxygen aids in strength gain, increased endurance and faster recovery time

WEIGHT LOSS: Helps to accelerate the detoxification process of acid from within fat cells

DIABETICS: Helps to neutralize lactic acidosis side effects

GOUT: Aids in reducing uric acid inflammation

MRSA: Strengthens immune system by neutralizing acidity

ARTHRITIS: Decrease acidic inflammation in joints

RECHARGE: Knock-Out Acidity...Recharge Your Life!


Will this product cure cancer, gout, diabetes, MRSA, arthritis or any other disease?


Alkalize Energy does not "cure" any disease. Rather, current medical research highlights the value of an alkaline rich diet and the need to rid the body of acidity. Alkaline Energy has been known to assist in treating the symptoms of various aliments. Results vary according to the aliment, the use of the product, how long a person used it, the diet employed, etc.


Dear Alkalize Energy, I am 55 years old and June 6, 2015 I landed in the ER. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar level was 625 and the doctors said that I should have been in a diabetic coma. Diabetes runs in my family but up until now I had never had a problem. Besides the genetic factor my weight was most likely also a contributor. Soon after I was diagnosed, I began drinking your water on a daily basis. Within just a few weeks I saw a remarkable drop in my sugar level. Today, after only 7 months my sugar level, now at 117, remains at a stable healthy level, my doctor has cut my meds in half, and is working toward taking me o the diabetic medicine! There truly are real health benefits in your water!

Another great benefit that I noticed since I began drinking your water regularly is that I am more aware of what I am putting into my body. Meaning, whenever I eat or drink any of the acidic processed food or beverages that I am used to, my body “feels” acidic and I actually reject the bad stuff and I find myself craving and actually choosing fresh foods over all the unhealthy choices of my past!

Lastly, I hope that my testimony here will somehow help in some way everyone who reads it. Since my scare in the ER, I’ve lost 30 pounds and my sugar levels are reduced to the point of possibly putting diabetes behind me. I feel more energized, focused and my body, you really can tell the difference, is definately less acidic! Your products effortlessly helped divert a major health crisis and improved my health! I look forward to more of your wonderful products! Thank you, Alkalize Energy!

Sincerely, Mark L.
Lupton, MI

Hello, the other day someone dropped off some bottles of Alkalize Energy probiotics water to the store that I work at. One of my coworkers gave me a bottle of this water to try and after I drank some of it, it took some of my digestive issues away and then, the more I drank the better I felt. I just couldn't believe it... Anyway I'm not sure if we're going to carry the water or not but could you tell me where I might buy some of this great water? It really did the trick!! I'm hoping we start carrying this wonderful water, thanks!

Michael- Wixom, MI

Dear Alkalize Energy, recently I've had low energy, a foggy head, bloating, and a feeling thats hard to explain. I just didn't feel healthy so a few months ago I got serious about my health and began looking for healthy products. Water being one of them. And thats when I came across your brand in the store near me. I began drinking your probiotics water (because probiotics is all the rage it seems like on tv) and all I can say is, WOW! What a difference already! In just a few months I'm feeling lighter - not so sluggish and foggy. Now after months of drinking your water and learning about alkalinity from your site, I can liken that unexplainable feeling that I was experiencing to the feeling of a hangover. Hangovers ARE acidic overload! I was very acidic, but now thanks to your product I am gaining ground day by day towards a healthier lifestyle! Thank you for the amazing products!

Jody L. - MI

Thanks to the samples of Alkalize Energy you sent me, the MRSA infection that has been plaguing me for months is starting to get better — no more break-outs! I am so glad that I took the time to look into you guys, despite my skepticism.

Elvin R. -

RESULTS: ELVIN's 30 day challenge
Product used for: MRSA After 30 days, no more break-outs

I’m using Alkalize Energy NOT for MRSA, but have found that it is helpful for a number of conditions: osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal problems (most often constipation and flatulence), gum disease (mystified my dental hygienist who’d never seen better than keeping those pockets in the gum line from deepening, and root infections also held back), and I just feel better in every way! Thanks to you! (I was without for about 3 weeks in the summer, then I couldn’t take it anymore). Keep up the good work!

Susanne Ottander