Stabilized Probiotics

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PROBLEM: Poor digestion is a huge factor in today's world and can negatively impact your quality of life. Research shows that 70-80% of your immune system is located in your gut. If you have problems with your digestive system, chances are you have problems with your immune system as well. When your digestion suffers, so does your overall health!

Contributing factors to dominant bad bacteria colonies:

  • Unviable CFUs result in wasted money and minimal health benefits
  • Synthetic/petroleum based: herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, fertilizers
  • GMO’S (genetically modified organisms)
  • Processed foods
  • SAD (Standard American Diet) diet
  • Imported fruits/vegetables are harvested early and haven’t developed nutritional value to provide the nutrition our bodies require to be healthy
  • Unhealthy lifestyles
  • Loss of vital enzymes - necessary for biological processes
  • Antibiotics; Kills both good and bad bacteria
  • Overgrowth of infectious microorganisms
  • Fungus
  • Mold
  • Parasites
  • Yeast
  • Viruses

How “bad” bacteria thrive:

Because of processed foods, pasteurized and homogenized heat treated and radiated methods to kill all bacteria, good and bad; we now lack vital enzymes and good intestinal flora. When good bacteria is missing from our intestinal track, growth of "bad" bacteria, fungus, virus and mold colonies can take over and seriously harm your health. You may think you're healthy, but don't be deceived. These colonies are hard at work, slowly damaging your health and destroying life. There are preservatives in foods to expand shelf life, but that doesn't mean it will expand your life. Don't wait until it's too late!

Competitor processes:

What most probiotic companies don't want you to know, is their count of CFUs (colony forming units) in their product, however many billions, is before the time of manufacturing where up to 90% of the count of CFUs can be nonviable (dead) leaving only10% that MAY come back to life. Probiotics are "living organisms" and many times cannot survive the process and conversion into a capsule or powder form due to the heat, freeze drying, centrifugation, and ultrafiltration processing. So the question is not, "how many CFUs are in a probiotic product, but how many of them are still alive? "

processed foods

Processed Foods








ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water… Our proprietary probiotics are certified organic and are bottled in its original organic state, completely undefiled and unadulterated for the most powerful and beneficial biological product on the market. We are the only company to offer an organic liquid probiotic that does not have to be refrigerated.

ALKALIZE ENERGY organic probiotics are ACTIVE

Our secret is our proprietary blend and the strength of anti-infective probiotic strains which cannot be matched with powder form products. No vaccination or prescription medicine in the world could ever come close to this safe and beneficial way of balancing the body's trillions of microbes. Our 12 (twelve) probiotic strains of micro-warriors are formulated to super activate beneficial substances that support and super boost the immune system against ineffective agents like yeast overgrowths, viral and bad bacteria components, mold, and fungus among others. Our probiotics are compatible to one another in a synbiotic relationship meaning they work cohesively together with the enzymes in your intestines which is the environment in which they live.

Why we need Probiotics… Because Probiotics are LIFE!

ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water… helps replenish and restore healthy flora in the digestive tract. These Colony of Warriors help crowd out bad bacteria and support your body's immune system. Our strains are strong and very effective as they colonize together to crowd out bad bacteria and replace lost good bacteria within your digestive system and keep it balanced.

ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water... gives you freedom! No matter what your age it’s never too late to find the balance and the relief that you've been searching for! It’s all in the probiotics!

ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water… along with a daily balanced diet rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, can support your healthy immune system and help ensure you have enough good bacteria for digestive balance.




The intestinal tract is the largest organ in the immune system, and 70-80% of your immune system lives there. Every day you come into contact with millions of bacteria, viruses and other unfriendly substances that would love the chance to live in your body. It's the job of your immune system to stop them from lingering too long. So, if you want to stay health y, your immune system needs to be in tip-top shape. Our Probiotics are a new, unique and powerful friendly probiotics in a liquid solution. They are not freeze dried or put into a powder form where you lose over 80 - 90% of the colonies. Our strains are strong and very effective in getting past the stomach acids and into your intestinal track, which is where they live, to do their good work. They colonize together to crowd out bad bacteria and keep your digestive system balanced.


+ 12 strains of USDA certified organic “friendly” probiotics 

+ Trillions of ACTIVE CFUs; per 20 oz. serving

+ Most powerful probiotics on the market

+ Organic liquid probiotics ready-to-drink bottled beverage

+ Supports digestive and immune system health

+ Promotes mental clarity

+ Requires no refrigeration

+ Acid Free 10+pH

+ No more pills or insoluble powders

+ Maximum antioxidant

+ Increase oxygen absorption

+ Increase electrolytes

+ Improved endurance

+ Strength gain

+ Promotes leaner muscle mass

Faster recovery

+ Affordable health support




                                     POINT OF DIFFERENCES - BEVERAGE COMPARISON CHART






Alkalize Energy Probiotics water 12 living strains

Stabilized Probiotics 10+ pH water


Alkalize Energy 10+ pH Alkaline Water

Stabilized 10+ pH water



Reverse osmosis/ionized


Kangen machine


Evamor Water


Aqua Hydrate Water


Iceland Spring Water

Artesian/Spring water


Eternal Water


Glacial Icelandic


Fiji Water


Nestle Pure Life Water

Reverse osmosis/ionized


Evian Water


Real Water


Voss Water


Penta Ultra Purified Water

Artesian/Spring water


Smart Water

Reverse osmosis/ionized


Arrowhead Spring Water

Artesian/Spring water





Dasani Water

Reverse osmosis/ionized


Aquafina Water



Acidic Beverage


Starbucks Coffee


Kefir Drink

   * Probiotic Beverage


Monster Energy Drink

Energy Drink


Rockstar Energy Drink


Gatorade G2


Good Belly - 1 strain


* Probiotic Beverage



Vitamin Water

Acidic Beverage


Soft drinks (3.2 pH and Lower)


Red Bull


Lemon Nestea


5 Hour Energy Drink


Kombucha; fermented tea fungus

*Probiotic Beverage


Car Battery


Most Probiotic Products On The Market Require Refrigeration. With Alkalize Energy Products; No Refrigeration Is Required.


Descriptions of processes:

  1. Alkalized water: proprietary process that removes hydrogen/acidity from the water.

  2. Artesian/spring water: Its source is from natural aquifers and usually has a high pH naturally, though there is acidity present.

  3. Reverse Osmosis/ionization/electrolysis: is a process that is nearly 70 years old that only hides the hydrogen in the water by using buffers to temporarily raise the pH level to make water appear to be alkaline when it really is not.

    Note on this process above: Overly processed water results in ultra ‘pure’ water. Consumers do not realize the dangers in consuming it. Drinking ‘pure’ water is not recommended due to its hyper absorption of toxins and pollution that it absorbs from the air when introduced to the environment.

  4. Carbonation: adding more acidity to already acidic beverages.

  5. Energy drinks have been known to cause certain and detrimental high risks to your health due to high levels of caffeine and/or unhealthy additives.

  6. Sports drinks have a low 3-5 pH and contain many unhealthy additives.

  7. Coffee/Tea: Acidity is increased by a high yielding/mass production environment of high temperature/full sun. Growing coffee and tea slowly in the shade results in slower plant growth and therefore smoother less acidic coffee beans and tea.

  8. Fermentation processes of fruit, milk products & bacterial growth in teas are not suitable for everyone due to milk and mold allergies.

  9. The count of CFUs (Colony Forming Units) in our competitors’ products, however many billions, is before the time of manufacturing where up to 90% of their count of CFUs can be nonviable (dead) leaving only 10% that may come back to life. Probiotics are "living organisms" and many times cannot survive the process and conversion into a capsule or powder form due to the heat, freeze drying, centrifugation, and ultrafiltration processing. So, it’s not how many CFUs are in a product but how many are still alive?

*Require refrigeration, have a short shelf life and contain sugar.

In the news: The excitement about probiotics' potential has prompted a slew of pills, drinks, and super-yogurts promising to "help regulate your digestive system, "balance bacteria in your gut," and support "immune health" even after a major manufacturer was sued in 2010 for deceptive advertising about its probiotic-boosted yogurt products (it settled but never admitted to wrongdoing), and Europe cracked down on claims made by the probiotic industry, fortified food and drink sales have stayed strong—and are blossoming in Asia. Global probiotic sales are expected to jump from$28 billion in 2011 to $42 billion in 2016.

According to USA Today, March 23, 2014; … Consumers shying away from some supplements but show growing interest in the use of probiotics. From 2012-2013, use of probiotics rose from 31% to 37% among regular supplement users.



Kombucha (aka; tea fungus) has a sour taste and a short shelf life…

More on it's down side…

  1. People with healthy metabolisms are appropriate for cultivating Kombucha tea cultures to drink the product tea. However, those suffering from immunosuppression should preferably consume controlled commercial Kombucha beverages.

  2. According to the American Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, many Kombucha products contain more than 0.5% alcohol by volume, but some contain less.

  3. Kombucha is NOT for the diabetic as 8 ounces of its fermented culture has 8 grams of sugar! And keep in mind that, any products made with ingredients (like sugar) that arenot organic are GMO!

  4. While no randomized, case-controlled studies have been published in relation to its effect on humans, there has been suspicion in isolated incidents of its effect on the central nervous system, liver, metabolic acidosis, and toxicityin general, though no specific links have been established. Acute conditions, such as lactic acidosis, caused by drinking Kombucha are more likely to occur in persons with pre-existing medical conditions. Other reports suggest care should be taken when taking medical drugs or hormone replacement therapy while regularly drinking Kombucha. It may also cause allergic reactions.

  5. Kombucha becomes very acidic (approximately pH 3.0 when finished), acidity can leach unwanted and potentially toxic materials from containers in which it is contained if they are not food-grade.

  6. According to the American Cancer Society, Kombucha has been promoted as a "cure-all" for many conditions, but available scientific evidence does not support claims that Kombucha tea promotes good health, prevents any ailments, or works to treat cancer or any other disease. Serious side effects and occasional deaths have been linked with drinking Kombucha tea!

  7. The Kombucha culture can also be used to make artificial leather!


So… after learning all of this, which would you prefer to drink?













“Out with the bad” and “in with the good...” bacteria that is, ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water!