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New! Liquid Probiotics!

What separates ALKALIZE ENERGY probiotics from other probiotics?

Our probiotics are liquid probiotics, 12 (twelve) strains cultivated in an alkaline environment, shelf stable: No refrigeration required, and created with our Trade Secret process our liquid probiotics are in their original organic state and completely unadulterated for the most effective probiotics on the market.

Alkalize Energy Liquid Probiotics are Active

What most probiotic companies don't want you to know, is their count of CFUs (Colony Forming Units) in their product, however many billions, is before the time of manufacturing. That means that after the time of manufacturing up to 90% of the count of CFUs can be nonviable leaving only 10% that may come back to life. Remember, probiotics are "living organisms" and many times cannot survive the process and conversion into a capsule or powder form due to the heat, freeze drying, centrifugation, and ultrafiltration processing. So the question is not "how many CFUs are in a probiotic product, but how many of them are still alive?"

+++ ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS Water, along with a balanced diet rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, can support a healthy immune system and help ensure you have enough good bacteria for digestive balance.

Alkalize Energy Probiotics Are Delivered In A Unique Liquid Form

Our probiotics are unique in the fact that they are in a liquid form. Research suggests that our bodies have a hard time digesting capsules. The benefits of a liquid probiotic as opposed to a capsule or powder form is that being a liquid, these "friendly" bacteria start in the mouth and go down the throat, to the esophagus, through the lining of the stomach, and into the intestines; reaching ALL of these areas where a capsule form would bypass, therefore allowing these good bacteria to immediately go to work against the bad bacteria overgrowth. Our probiotics are compatible to one another in a synbiotic relationship meaning they work cohesively together with the enzymes in your intestines which is the environment in which they live.

Alkalize Energy Probiotics Are The Best In Quality

Our probiotics are made in the USA to produce the best quality of product available. Our proprietary blend of living strains in our probiotics are unmatched and the combination of strains have been selectively picked and are lab tested to insure safety.

Why do we need Probiotics? Because Probiotics are LIFE!

The intestinal tract is the largest organ in the immune system, and 70-80% of your immune system lives there. Every day you come into contact with millions of bacteria, viruses and other unfriendly substances that would love the chance to live in your body. It's the job of your immune system to stop them from lingering too long. So, if you want to stay healthy, your immune system needs to be in tip-top shape.

"Out with the "bad" and "in" with the good, bacteria that is... Alkalize Energy Probiotics Water!"

ALKALIZE ENERGY PROBIOTICS: MILLIONS, BILLIONS & TRILLIONS OF 12 ACTIVE STRAINS OF ORGANIC CFUs; Alkaline, Support digestive health; Help promote a stronger immune system; No refrigeration required.