notable Deville Vannick

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Parkour Athlete, Actor & Stuntman

Born and raised in South Africa, DeVille grew up with a deep love for adventure and the arts. From a young age he excelled in gymnastics and martial arts, early on adopting a lifestyle of fitness and training. Having done numerous commercials, films, documentaries and shows, he is no stranger to the camera. As a professional freerunner, parkour instructor and martial artist, he possess a unique set of action skills to complement his acting craft.

He currently resides in Los Angeles and works in the entertainment industry as well as coaching parkour at the world-renowned Tempest freerunning academy.

DeVille just wrapped filming "Kite", an upcoming feature film with India Eisley, Samuel L Jackson and Callan McAuliffe


June, 2013: DeVille was featured on the Today Show
April, 2012: Catch DeVille at Tempest Academy where he trains in parkour