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We do not pretend to offer medical advice on this website, because we are not licensed medical professionals qualified to offer such advice. Instead we only offer general information we have gleaned from peer reviewed medical studies and the reported experience of our customers. If you wish to use any of our information or the reported experience of others in regard to your own health care, please remember it must be at your own risk and/or that of your own health care provider. We can only speak in generalities about what we have observed, we cannot offer individualized advice for specific medical conditions. We do strive to be truthful and clear in presenting our information and hope it will be of benefit to you.

Average Cost Of A Clinical Trial:

$152.3 million

Fast Company Magazine,
Dec. 1st, 2009

Is there anything I should know when first introducing Alkalize Energy products into my system?


When you first introduce ALKALIZE ENERGY products into your system, a cleansing reaction is normal for some individuals due to the amount of buildup of acids and toxins within the body that have occurred over a period of time. Some mild reactions may include mild stomach ache or headaches, sluggishness, diarrhea or sick feeling. But that's ok, it proves that ALKALIZE ENERGY is working for you! These systems will only last a few days and you will be on your way to overall better health with a stronger cellular and immune system and a more efficient detoxification process! If symptoms persist see your physician as there could be some other cause for your symptoms.

Can I over alkalize?

Yes & No.

If you drink water with toxic ( high) amounts of sodium, calcium, potassium or magnesium, you can develop a condition called “alkalosis.” However, Alkalize Energy does not have high amounts of sodium, calcium, potassium or magnesium.

Where are the medical studies proving the value of your product?

We need you.

For every claim a product makes and for every aliment, a company must spend an average of $152.3 million (Fast Company, 2009). Alkalize Energy is a young company with a highly viable product that has already gathered hundreds of anecdotal testimonies from past users, many suffering from MRSA. Our goal is to grow towards being able to afford full-blown, third-party clinical trails for each use or aliment that Alkalize Energy can be used for. Until we reach that objective, we are seeking out 30-day users to highlight your use and consumption of Alkalize Energy, and the results you have seen.

Will this product cure cancer, gout, Diabetes, MRSA, arthritis or any other disease?


Alkalize Energy does not "cure" any disease. Rather, current medical research highlights the value of an alkaline rich diet and the need to rid the body of acidity. Alkaline Energy has been known to assist in treating the symptoms of various aliments. Results vary according to the aliment, the use of the product, how long a person used it, the diet employed, etc.

What are the benefits of ALKALIZE ENERGY vs. Sports Drinks?

True Benefits.

Alkalize Energy has a GUARANTEED 10+ pH which aids in the neutralization of lactic body acidity which is caused by stress, vigorous exercise, physical sports, strenuous activities or even a lack thereof, including poor eating habits and/or disease. ALKALIZE ENERGY products have an instant absorption rate into your bodies cells and tissues which help promote mental clarity as well as maximum energy, hydration and electrolyte levels. And all without all the sugars and other additives that you typically find in sports and energy drinks which have on average a very high acidity of a 3-5pH.

Do featured participants in the 30 day KNOCK-OUT ACIDITY challenge receive compensation?


A Featured Participant is an individual whose use of Alkalize Energy is filmed or documented over a period of time to see how the product assisted in meeting certain health or fitness goals. If an individual is chosen to be a Featured Participant in a 30 Day Knock-Out Acidity Challenge, that person is compensated with a cash payment of $500.00, 30 days worth of product, and any medical tests used in the challenge are offered free of charge to the participant.

Are there any medical studies highlighting the positive effects of alkaline water or diet?


We have included various studies from peer-reviewed medical journals throughout the site. As you review, note how often the writer states that "more research" needs to be compiled because there is great promise in the concept, but not enough studies have been completed. Over time, we hope to lead the way in testing Alkalize Energy for various aliments and on those already employing a healthy lifestyle, but who want to prevent acidity-based diseases.

Do I need to keep alkalize energy refrigerated?


Alkalize Energy products may be stored at room temperature.

Will Alkalize Energy neutralize my stomach acid so I won’t be able to digest my food?


Alkalize Energy's proprietary process creates an oxygen rich micro-clustered water that immediately bond to and neutralize free radical scavengers (acid, toxins) within the body upon consumption, having absorbed these free radicals it then becomes more acidic allowing for improved detoxification at a cellular level and does not change the process of digestion.

How Do We Get So Acidic?

The body’s natural metabolic processes produce acidic waste. Most cooked foods and animal proteins create acidity in our bodies. This buildup of total body acidity encourages decomposition, decay, disease (CANCER) and energy loss. Most Americans maintain high acidity because of “acid-causing” lifestyle characteristics that include, but are not limited to, diet, stress and a toxic environment. Therefore, “alkaline input” (alkaline water, alkaline foods like fresh vegetables and fruit, better lifestyle habits) is essential to insure a healthy level of pH balance. Prolonged pH imbalance decreases the body’s ability to absorb protein, minerals and other nutrients, decreases energy production in the cells, decrease the body’s ability to detoxify heavy metals and repair damaged cells.

Some foods that contribute to an acidic level are: meats, white rice, cheese, coffee, tea, alcohol, pasta, breads, cereals, sugar and chocolate. Foods that counter acidic levels are: vegetables, fruits, potatoes, almonds, pine nuts, flax, honey and plain yogurt. Stress, pollutants, and physical activity (either insufficient or excessive amounts) also cause acidification.

The strain of this undetected over acidity can cause such problems as: cardiovascular damage, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, bladder conditions, kidney stones, immune deficiency, acceleration of free radical damage, hormonal problems, premature aging, osteoporosis, joint pain, aching muscles, lactic acid buildup, low energy, chronic fatigue, depressive tendencies, slow digestion and elimination, yeast/fungal overgrowth, lower body temperature, tendency to get infections, easily stressed, pale complexion, headaches, inflammation of corneas and eyelids, loose and painful teeth, inflamed, sensitive gums, mouth and stomach ulcers, cracks at the corners of the lips, excess stomach acid, gastritis, thin and easily splitting nails, dull and thinning hair, split ends, dry skin, easily irritated skin, leg cramps and spasms.

If you acidify your body through poor diet you become vulnerable to any disease that invades. The more acidic you are, the more susceptible you become to disease and all its mutations. As disease flourishes it creates an even more acidic environment spreading further until it consumes your health. These acids, if not neutralized cause inflammation, free radical damage and kill healthy cells by stealing oxygen. Alkaline water and food dissolves these harmful acids and helps remove them from your body by allowing them to pass safely through the kidneys and not be stored in your fat cells, joints, glands and organs.

Why is oxygen important?

Essential to life as is water, oxygen makes you alert and energized. For someone with cancer, the high oxygen level provided by alkaline water is particularly helpful since oxygen destroys cancer cells. Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated in 1931 for which he won the Nobel Prize. "It has been shown that cancer and disease CANNOT live in an oxygenated alkaline internal environment and it is this environment that functions optimally."

In summary, Alkaline Water has 4 main benefits:
Alkaline water is a potent antioxidant as it has a very negative charge. All other waters are positively charged adding to your oxidation and hence, adding to your aging. Alkaline water with its negative charge decreases your oxidation and hence, its anti-aging properties. The negative electrons scavenge up free radicals in your body, which cause DNA damage. Alkaline water has a high pH to wash extra acidity out of your body on the cellular level. Over acidity in the body is the prime breeding ground for disease and symptoms of aging as well as excess weight. Body fat is acidic. Drink high alkaline water and wash away a lifetime of accumulated acidic deposits, dissipate disease symptoms and allow your body to release the fat needed to protect us from the excess acidity. Alkaline water has micro-clustered molecules; the molecules in regular water clump together in an irregular shape of 10-12 molecules. In alkaline water, the molecules clump together in only 5-6 molecules in regular pentagonal or hexagonal shapes making it easier for the water to get into the finest of capillaries assisting the exchange of cellular fluid for deeper detoxification and super hydration. Alkaline water provides an abundance of oxygen on the cellular level for lots of energy and mental clarity, and it is a powerful antioxidant for deeper body detoxification. Most importantly, it is well known that disease (and cancer) cannot thrive in an alkaline oxygenated internal environment.